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MmmmPop! Ready-to-Eat gourmet popcorn was founded by three friends who wanted a better snack for their families.


Our Popcorn Makes You Go Mmmm!

MmmmPop! is committed to providing the very best in popcorn snacks and personal service.

Our Story

MmmmPop! is a gourmet popcorn venture started in 2008 by three enterprising women who were looking for the perfect snack: something delicious, wholesome, and satisfying. Keeping in mind their friends and families, whose busy lifestyles often contributed to eating on-the-go, the snack had to be self-serve, individually wrapped, and easily carried in a gym bag, backpack, or coat pocket. For these three popcorn lovers, the choice was simple.

Hard work, creativity, and friendship were the main ingredients, but they also wanted their popcorn to be produced in America’s corn belt from the highest quality kernels on Earth. After some trial and error, a few challenging moments, and many laughs, MmmmPop! Sweet Corn was born.

A few months later, the founders introduced their version of Caramel Corn — easily the best on the market. Today, MmmmPop! offers their original two flavors plus two savory flavors: White Cheddar and Kickin’ Key Lime. They are so excited and proud to bring these very special products to you.

This company is a little unusual by today’s standards because it is entirely owned and operated by the original three founders: Lisa, Joanne, and Jill. You won’t find an impersonal corporate entity at MmmmPop! What you will find are three people dedicated to bringing you the very best in personal service and a product that is second to none. They embrace the values of honesty and fairness and welcome opportunities to give back to the community.

What they’ve achieved isn’t just popcorn; MmmmPop! is a snack option of superior quality and taste that satisfies in-between hunger pangs and won’t destroy a day of good nutrition. It’s SIMPLE, SMART, DELICIOUS!

How good is MmmmPop!? Well, the name says it all.

Love these products! I am obsessed! Will be telling all of my friends!
Eating a bag at work as I type this — Delicious!

I love MmmmPop! popcorn for my business clients, friends, relatives and for me, too! My and my customers’ favorite flavors are their sweet popcorn and cheddar cheese! Wonderful crunch and deliciousness!. Thank you MmmmPop!!